Examples of our projects

District heating planning for the canton of Geneva

We accompany Services Industriels de Genève (SIG) in planning district heating and district cooling infrastructure for the canton of Geneva. Our contributions include:
- Assembling internal and external datasets on energy consumption, building characteristics and urban environment
- Producing maps and indicators to support decision-making to define district heating and district cooling deployment zones on cantonal level
- Creating network deployment scenarios on district level, including estimation of technical characteristics and associated network costs

Evaluation of the current state and realistic potentials for solar energy

We help cantonal energy authorities and energy programs to evaluate trends and current state of solar deployment, as well as challenge estimates of existing solar potentials in order to adapt policies and support mechanisms.
We analyse Open Data, aerial images in combination with other datasets to produce:
- Maps of existing solar panels (PV and thermal)
- Maps of available roof surfaces , with regard to free space and heritage protection contraints
- Statistics by building and actor type