We help sustainability actors
to transform cities to low-carbon,
resilient and comfortable communities

Improve data quality

Organise internal data, combine with external datasets, complete with new data

Take informed decisions

Create maps and indicators to support evidence-based decision-making

Collaborate effectively

Provide multi-disciplinary insights to help teams communicate and coordinate their efforts

Our work areas


We help energy planners and utilities to build a vision for transforming 100% of their building stock into low-carbon heating. We realise multi-scenario opportunity studies for district heating and district cooling networks, in comparison with decentralised heating options (e.g., heat pumps).


We help to evaluate current state and realistic potentials for development of solar energy, e-vehicles and heat pumps on different geographic scales: from individual buildings to cantons. We estimate potential impacts of electrification on the grid, and help to identify possible mitigation measures.


We help energy-saving programs in their operational and strategic work by providing field-based experience on data organisation. We act as a neutral party in development of digital solutions. We can either help to find best-fitted existing software, or act as business analyst for internal IT initiatives - facilitate collaboration between energy program teams, internal IT departments and developers.


We help public actors to build a multi-disciplinary vision for their territories: assess current state and develop plans to promote sustainability measures for different actors and building types. All indicators can be made on building-level and aggregared to district and cantonal levels. The data is not limited to energy transition, but also includes broader sustainability measures (e.g., vegetalisation, water savings, air quality improvement).

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